Spider Kitten – Discography

Spider Kitten formed in 2001 as an Earth worshipping drone experiment by Chi (vocals, guitars) and Ptew (synth, computer, visuals), Spider Kitten quickly gained a reputation for unrelenting aural abuse and a fondness for malignant soundscapes. In 2005 the pair were joined by Twan and Nid on lead guitar and bass respectively, and began to focus on more structured, song based, material, underpinned by an abrasive drum machine.

Always a highly prolific and ambitious outfit, Spider Kitten released numerous albums and EPs both on CD and via free download (a format the band thoroughly approves of) through its own Rugland Records. Significant releases include “Ineffable”, the first release as a four piece, “Future Echos”, a sixty minute download-only concept album, and the critically acclaimed “Rats From A Sinking Ship…” EP.

These guys have released everything through their Bandcamp page on a name your own price basis, so you can download the entire discography for free (please support the band by paying something if possible).


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