Atomck / Paucities – Split 7″

Another day, another split exploding like a nail bomb in to the ears of grind fans. This one comes in the form of a 7″ vinyl with some impressively detailed artwork courtesy of Atomck Guitarist Luke Oram. Newport (South Wales) noise makers Atomck deliver the first five while the latter two tracks are left for Chicago grinders Paucities.

One issue for me; After listening to the onslaught provided by Atomck the quality seems to dip when the reins are handed over to their American counterparts. This may have been intentional but to my ears it just doesn’t make sense. The show is most definitely stolen during the first 5 tracks.

You can get your hands on a copy from the following places:

UK: Ill Neglect Records – email: extracurricular(at)

USA: Selfish Satan Records

CZECH REPUBLIC: Rauha Turva records

GERMANY: 7degrees Records

Or buy one directly from the bands. Remember; vinyl sounds better then MP3’s.

You can also download the tracks and get more info > HERE <

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