REVIEW: Resonaut / Krakow – Split 7″

Personally I have a soft spot for split releases. The idea that two bands have combined forces usually means that both parties are passionate about what they do and because of this you’re probably in for a treat. I was particularly excited when an email hit my inbox containing the tracks from the new 7″ split by Norwegian bands Resonaut & Krakow.  As you may have already noticed I’m a (big) fan of slow doom/sludge metal so instantly felt right at home listening to Resonaut’s offering “Molten Plant”.

Resonaut are a groove/doom power trio who manage to bring us the grunt without the assistance of a bassist, a rather impressive feat considering how low this band sound. Think Pentagram and Electric Wizard and you’re pretty much on the button. To be honest there’s nothing new on offer here, it’s pretty much fuzzed out doom-by-numbers. That’s not to say it isn’t any good. What they do they do very well and I think we need to hear more from these guys before making any heavy judgments. The guitars sound thick, the vocals are perfectly placed and overall production is excellent and “Molten Planet” has plenty of re-play value. I like it and I want more! Really looking forward to a follow up.

Krakow are a different animal all together. They do share the same snail-pace tempo but this time the sludge is helped along with a dose of psychedelia and vocals that switch from clean melodic crooning to whiskey rock growl. “Drifter” swirls like a 60’s blow party then kicks you in the face. I particularly enjoy the tasteful flurries of lead guitar work placed throughout the track. Again, production is flawless and all instruments sound great so Krakow have *cough* cracked it!

Both bands have brought us some high quality music, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Right, time to find out what else they have on offer….

Resonaut > MYSPACE <

Krakow > MYSPACE <

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