The Death of Her Money – You are loved

The Death of Her Money have released another full length titled “You are loved”. This UK 3 piece have been pounding out extremely heavy sludge infused shoe-gaze for a while now and they have always had a special place in my CD collection. Not so sure with this release though because it seems to be more of the same. It’s not a bad album as each track is powerful and relentless as with everything that came before. It just seems that TDOHM have fallen in to a hole that they can’t get out of, they are glued to a musical spot. I picked up a copy at a show a few weeks ago and I already knew what I was getting because they had played a good proportion of their new tracks live. I’m just a little dissapointed that they haven’t really progressed since the last release.

If you like these guys you’ll still enjoy the album but don’t expect the same feeling you had when you first heard “Spirit of the Stairwell”.

Check them out at > MYSPACE <

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