REVIEW: Suplecs – Mad Oak Redoux

A friendly guy over at Small Stone Recordings got in touch with me a few days ago asking if we would be interested in listening to some new releases from bands on the current roster. Knowing the quality of past releases I jumped at the chance. The first of the bunch is an album called “Mad Oak Redoux” from Suplecs. These guys have toured with the likes of Clutch, High On Fire and Eyehategod as well as landing a spot at the SXSW festival.

The album: 10 tracks of alternative/groovy rock is the easiest way to explain it. Inside you’ll find elements of blues, classic rock, stoner and more. Much of the album is groove infused and each track has it’s own theme. I just can’t get over the feeling that the vocals just don’t sit right.  It’s almost as if, on some of the tracks, they where added as an afterthought. The guitar sound is great, the drums are powerful and the production as a whole is top-notch but I can’t seem to find a single track that really stands out. It’s obvious that Suplecs know how to kick out a decent bit of rock’n’roll but to my ears there is something lacking that stops me from really enjoying this album. I wouldn’t say the record is a no go for fans of groovy metal because it’s good fun, just don’t go throwing those Clutch albums out any time soon.

You can find them at > MYSPACE <


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