REVIEW: Tona – 1000

If someone asked me “What country do you think produces the most diverse heavy bands?” Serbia would not be at the top of my list. Strangely enough, that’s exactly where Tona call home. They sent me a copy of their album “1000” and I was pleasantly surprised. The guitars snap from reverb soaked Fender twin territory to full on crunching overdrive, the vocals are well placed in the mid-range and the rhythm section is snappy and tight. They obviously haven’t slacked during production. Their sound is very mixed and they seem to have crammed punk, metal, classic rock and psyche all in to one release.


As far as the songs are concerned I’m not so sure. The album opens with an awesome sounding tech-rock intro and on first listen I was convinced it was going to blow my mind! Then it all went a bit sideways. There are some really great moments on 1000 but they are few and far between, each time they come along I’m sure they’ll stay but then the illution is shattered with some not-so-well thought out riff change. Tona seem to come up with some great intros but the greatness ends when the main course kicks in.

I believe that Tona could be great, amazing even, they just need to focus on brining the songs up to the same high standard as their flawless sound.

Download the entire album for free through Mediafire > HERE <

Find out more about the band at > MYSPACE <

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