The Witches Drum – Demo

Here is a shout out to one of Cardiff’s favorite Psyc-prog bands with a write up by Miniature Music Press:

“This salacious set of psych-rock tracks is genuinely rather brilliant. Stop (Giving Me Hell) has the 70s riffage of Free alongside spacious wig outs and gravelly vocals. Get Down’s tribal whooping compliments the underlying swamp-rock instrumentation. However, it’s in the longer, Grateful Dead inspired free-form tracks such as Incompatible, Lost In The Wilderness and Tunnel Of Hitchcock where the band excels. Lilting between drifting, dreamy soundscapes and harsher guitar-fed moments of energy, the 7 tracks are both epic and too fleeting. We want more ”

They have recorded a 3 track demo that you can check out and download from Soundcloud and Myspace.



One Response to “The Witches Drum – Demo”

  1. Dave in Ohio (US) Says:

    DEFINITELY sounds like something I’d dig. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the info!

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