Intensive Square – Lick The Dome

About the band (taken from their facebook page):

Intensive Square is a five-piece progressive metal band based in Cardiff, Wales. The band’s primary influences are Pantera, Meshuggah, and Mr Bungle. The band is also heavily influenced by jazz music, particularly Naked City, John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy. The band has spent the past few years creating a consistent and cohesive sound of its own that remains extremely focused, despite its eclecticism. Using hulking rhythmic passages, dense chromaticism, down-tuned guitar riffs, and saxophones, the band delivers an original and devastating smack to teeth of its listeners, assuming that its listeners have mouths in their ears (which they do).

What I say:

There are only two tracks available through Soundcloud, the first one kicked my ass and the second one kicked it some more! These guys will frazzle your brain and twist your body with Meshuggah style rhythm shifts and an ultra low tuned, super tight guitar tone. Now excuse me while I find the part of my face that was blown off during “Me vs the cables”.

Go to Soundcloud to lick the dome > HERE <

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