Kongh – Shadows Of The Shapeless

From their bio:

“Out of different musical backgrounds ranging from blues to grindcore, David Johansson and Tomas Salonen met in the spring of 2004 to set the grounds for what later would become Kongh. The ambition back then wasn’t really specific – they only knew that they wanted to play very loud and heavy, and to have a good time. For almost a year, the guys spent a couple of weekends a month in the rehearsal space, cranking out never-ending jams of loud riffage and sludgy heaviness just for the fun of it. It wasn’t until early 2005 that real songs with an actual flow came to life. After the writing of the songs “Zihuatanejo” and “Turn into dust”, the couple realized that they should take things to a more serious level, which led to David starting to use his voice, and the recruiting of a first bass player.”

Simply put, Kongh are amazing! One of my favorite heavy bands of the last few years. This album joins 2 split EP’s, a demo and another full length that all have one thing in common; They fucking slay! Kongh manage to seamlessly combine sludge, doom and post-metal to create a sound that is stunningly atmospheric and devastatingly crushing. You can download the album for $1, ONE BUCK! that’s 5 tracks for about 0.80p of your British money.

Get it > HERE <

Find the website > HERE <

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