Frogburd – A Tribute to Fungus Humongous

Frogburd are an unusual animal indeed.  They bring the funk in the style of psyched out stoner experimentation. I cant really make any direct comparisons because these guys have a sound all their own but at a push I would ask you to imagine the late James Brown’s backing band jamming out tunes in a basement after a night on the old Special K. That doesn’t really tell you much but you should still check them out.

From their bio:

“Frogburd is the musical expression of a few people, who happen to have some music to express. Sometimes its fast, loud, raw, and melty. Other times its smooth, creamy, fat, and juicy. We don’t even stop there, sometimes were chunky, and bluesey; funky and groovy. We can even turn it around, flip it upside down, loop it, delay it, phase it, blast it, slap it, shredd it, double it, hit it, smoke it, build it, break it, clear it, and more. Drug Devouring Sex Tornado’s”

Says it all really.

Download all releases for free > HERE <

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