SNFAS vs Samoans – 2 Bands 1 Cup

Here at 16 Tonnes we always try to make an effort to support local bands, so I decided to post some news on a new split 7″ and digital download that has been released by two Cardiff/Newport based bands; Strange News From Another Star and Samoans. The split was release on 18th March 2011 on Barely Regal Records and the intriguing cover art was penned by local artist Daniel Lazenby.

It’s all a bit “Art-Rock” for me but for those who are in to the scene both bands carry it off very well. The production is damn nice and the clean-but-verging-on-breaking-up guitar sounds chime through very nicely. Some of the guitar work is pretty impressive too, especially during both of Samoans little flurries.

Buy and download it from > HERE <

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