3 of the best (No.1) – YouTube videos

Here are a pick of 3 of my favorite tunes flying about on YouTube from bands who deserve more recognition. Click on the band names for links to their websites/music.

Omega MassifExodus

Insanely good instrumental Post-Metal/Sludge band from Germany. This is as about as heavy as it gets…low, pounding and bloody good.

HumanflyAnother Week In The Theme Park Of Death

An intimate intro leads you in to serious sludgy territory that’ll split those headphones in half! Great Post-Metal with a technical twist. These guys know exactly how to take you on a journey through sound.

Noxagt Wall’s End

Dirty, squelchy, fuzzed out dirge/noise rock from Norway. Load records always seem release the most unusual and nasty sounding stuff (although they aren’t with Load anymore, they were at the time).

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