Review: XII Boar – XII (Demo)

Looking through XII Boar’s website you can see they have created a bit of a stir in the fuzzy world of stoner/sludge metal. A number of blogs and webzines have been singing their praises and for good reason, the demo is pretty cool.

The aptly titled opening track “Train Wreck” blasts along with the metallic aggravation of a hardcore band before switching gears in to some blues-rock inspired lead then throwing you back to the grind and closing on a short lived doom stomp.

“Beg, Borrow, Steal” starts out with a plucky sounding little bass riff but once the guitars kick in you’re handed a classic stoner style riff designed to cause neck pain.  Around the 2.30 min mark things slow down and so begins a journey back to the world of 70’s psyche rock.

Track 3 “Sludge” is very similar in it’s structure; Flipping back and forth between stoner mulch, mellow bass driven blues and classic rock squeal. By this point I realised that there doesn’t seem to be much variation on offer, every song follows the same process.

Demo closer “S.K.O.L” starts faster with another nod to their hardcore influences but XII Boar seem to use the same formula again; fast, slow, fast, slow…end.

XII is enjoyable but I’m not sure how long I could listen to this if it were left on repeat. Considering this is a demo and the band have only been together since February of last year they show great potential. It’s good but I believe XII Boar have more to offer so let’s keep an eye out for their next release.

Download XII for free > HERE <

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