Satan’s Monk – The Absolute End Of The World

These guys are completely off they’re tits! Industrial-Electro Black Metal with a little bit of what sounds like Krautrock thrown in for good measure. The songs are short, the longest being 1.16, which is a bit of a shame really because just as you start getting in to a track it comes to an abrupt end. I’m assuming that Satan’s Monk had their tongues firmly in cheek while writing and recording this album as it all seems a bit silly. Regardless of it’s comic value, it’s bloody good and the production is damn nice too.

Download for free from > HERE <

One Response to “Satan’s Monk – The Absolute End Of The World”

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m starting to get a sore on the inside of cheek since my tongue is constantly there.

    Future albums will contain longer songs. We’ve got some that are even over three whole minutes now!

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