Ironweed – Your World Of Tomorrow

What the label say:

Born from the ashes of the critically-acclaimed Greatdayforup, Ironweed is a veritable supergroup of local Albany area veterans. Bands who have for the past decade have been chipping away at the bloated underbelly of corporate rock. With the demise of GDFU the core group of Mike Vitali & Brendan Slaterbegan the arduous task of putting a band back together. Turns out it wasn’t that hard. With the concurrent demised of another Albany favorite, Held Under, Mike & the boys were able to add the exceptional vocal chords of Jeff Andrews. Luring in the considerable skills and second guitar of Ryan Rapp filled out the Ironweed sound and added a whole new dimension to the sludgy rock that these Upsate New Yorkers make. With the recent addition of Dan Dinsmore to fill a vacancy on the drums Ironweed has managed to make their powerhouse all the more powerful just in time for “Your World Tomorrow.” In their own words the new record is heavy and after 2008’s “Indian Ladder” that’s saying something. Nine tracks in all, “Your World Tomorrow” is a sonic assault. Each song just kills it with thick and sludgy riffs amped up around thunderous low end and more power that you think a song could handle.

What we say:

Firstly; “Your World Of Tomorrow” seems to be an attempt at a concept album based around an enslaved future where all of humanity is controlled by electronic corporations and media giants. Sound familiar? Yeah I though it did.

The album is an interesting listen, plenty of gutsy guitar riffs and soaring vocals. It’s not really as “stoner” as we are lead to believe, more of a mix of sounds from Alice In Chains inspired grunge to classic Led-Zep moments (ref to opening riff of “Red Circles”). You’ll even find some Tool-esq alt-prog in here in the form of track No.4 “And The New Slaves” (well most of it) every tune has it’s own sound and the changes keep you listening.

It definitely gets better the more you spin it and some of the “Pay-off” riffs are absolute blinders! I’ve had the album for a few days now and it took me a little while to really appreciate and understand what Ironweed are trying to do here. This is a rock album with a twist and it should appeal to fans of heavy across the spectrum…nicely done!

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