PG Lost – In Never Out

This is probably the least metal album I’ve posted so far. I was handed this by a friend who had managed to drink himself in to a giving mood and let me walk out of his house with a small collection of records.

PG Lost are a Swedish instrumental shoe-gaze/post-rock (or whatever it’s called these days) band who’s music seems to stand out in an area of sound that has been saturated by Mogwai and God Speed! copycats. There’s something about each song that captures the mood that so many others are failing to hold on to. Massive expanses that build from nothing in to colossal, orchestral tidal waves of sound. The chiming guitars hold back until the last minuet then crash in on you, surrounding you from all sides. Another thing that strikes me about this record is the drum sound; it’s absolutely perfect! Every instrument has been placed wonderfully throughout.

If you enjoy the music of bands like Up C Down C and Mogwai then you’ll probably, like me, be blown away by the aural beauty of “In Never Out”.

Band Camp: PG LOST


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