Wreck and Reference – Black Cassette

In their own words: “We are a lo-fi electronic Doom-Metal band from Davies, California. Eschewing guitars, we use samples and synthesizers to craft wastelands of sonic chaos and despair”.

This release is mesmerizing! Dark, nasty, hate spitting electronic dirge at it’s finest. The lo-fi production just adds to the effect. The great thing about W&R is that they don’t just throw the same old idea at you with every track, for example; the vocals change throughout from wailing chants and spoken word to angry “No-Wave” style crooning. Black Cassette is not just electronic doom! It brings you to you’re knees with some beautifully chaotic noise played at a snails pace. This is not easy listening so it may not be to everyones taste but I think it’s damn good and pretty clever to boot.

You can buy the album for $5 from the Bandcamp page > HERE <


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