June Deville – Swan Songs Of The Coyote

The blerb: “We’re thrilled to finally release our new baby “Swan songs of the Coyote”. After months of recording and mastering, it’s out. It is available online exclusively, for free download or in exchange of a symbolic donation if you want us to keep on rocking your flat world. Enjoy its sour, vinegary odour referred to as volatile acidity, its subtle aromas. Stay tuned for a whole bunch of gigs.”

These guys are a three piece rock outfit with some interesting twists. The latest offering combines melodic pop-rock with stoner and some tripped out classic rock. There’s nothing that stands out as particularly “brand new” but these days it’s almost impossible to write anything that doesn’t sound like a bunch of other bands thrown together, it just depends on how good you are at getting the mix right. SSOTC is a well crafted, solid record with excellent riffs, clever melodies and an obvious attention to detail. Production is slick but not overdone and all 13 songs can be downloaded for free (always nice).  June Deville are an eclectic lot so this record should please most rock, stoner and (less hardcore) metal fans across the board. I’ll most certainly be spinning this groovy number for a while. Now, where’s my beer?

Download this album plus more > HERE <

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