Fister / The Lions Daughter Split – And Their Masters Bled For Days

This Split 12″ was released as a limited run of 300 with some very limited glow in the dark copies (that got snapped up at the release show).  They are offering the digital download for free to all those who dare! See download and buy links below.

Fister: Fuzzy, Sabbath inspired proto-doom style heaviness with sparse vocals. Yes you’ve heard it all before but you want to hear it again! 3 monster tracks that set your heads nodding. This is right up my street and had me smiling throughout.

The Lions Daughter: A faster paced and noisier offering altogether. The 4 tracks on offer from these brutes seem to peddle influences from across the spectrum, from black metal to grind and on to hardcore, with a dusting of sludge for good measure. My least favorite of the two bands but they still bring the noise!

You should download this album, free albums of this quality are hard to come by.

Free digital download > HERE <

Buy / more info > HERE <

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