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Join us on the book of faces

Posted in Random Rant! on June 12, 2011 by Thorun band

16 Tonnes has a facebook page (yes, it’s true). All new blog posts will also be posted on the 16T wall so you can keep up to date using the least heterosexual and most fashionable media around! Don’t you just love the interweb?

Anyway here is the link > FACEBOOK PAGE < go there, like us and all that shit!

There is also a permanent link on the side bar thatta way —>


A question for you…..

Posted in Random Rant! on June 11, 2011 by Thorun band

“What’s the most unusual music you’ve ever listened too?”

I’ve been asked this question a few times, so I decided to answer it via my wonderful bloggy blog. Although the bands below would not necessarily be considered as “heavy” or “metal” I would still urge you to take a gander, even if it’s just to satisfy your sick curiosity (remember what happened to the cat?). Here are three of the strangest bands in existence.

Fat Worm Of Error

Beeps, ticks and screwed up guitar sounds, these guys have some serious issues. Their first proper albums were released on one of the leading US weirdo labels: Load Records. Fat Worm Of Error seem to have fallen out of vogue in recent years but they are still one of the most messed up and spazzy sounding bunch of arty-farts around.


The brain child of Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt) and Matt Brinkman (Forcefield), two of Rhode Island’s underground music monsters.  The band name is a reference to creatures who appear in the Dungeons & Dragons game universe. The music consists of unusual jungle inspired beats and strange sounds created by home made noise boxes and tape players.

Help The Buffalos R Crushin Me

A friend recently posted a link to the free album by HTBRCM on facebook. I downloaded, sat back and decided that I couldn’t take much more. It’s pretty fucked up! In the words of my good friend “like Cassette Boy meats Beefheart meats Morbid Angle meets Gabbamonghem, this is bat-shit mental!”.

All the best labels/distro – A short list

Posted in Random Rant! on March 19, 2011 by Thorun band

I decided to put together a SHORT list of some of my favorite record labels and distributors, most of them you might already be aware of.

Some of my best finds have been while browsing through a labels roster of bands and spotting one I’ve never heard of.

So here goes…

Hydrahead Records <

Load Records <

> Future Noise <

> Head of Crom <

> Earache <

> Gold Standard Labs <

> Ipacac <

> Goodfellow Records <

> Relapse Records <

> Southern Lord <

> Small Stone Recordings <

> At A Loss <

> Orchestrated Misery <

> Molten Universe <

> Meteor City <

> Holy Mountain <

Prosthetic Records <

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I’ll post more each week.